What is the Bible? Part 12


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What is the Bible?
Part 12: Tribes and Violence

The LORD had said to Abram Go

So Abram went…

-Genesis 12

Let’s talk about tribes. In the ancient near east, your tribe was your family, your bloodline, your home, your…

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What is the Bible? Part 8


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What is the Bible?
Part 8: Stoners and Swingers

We’ve been looking at a number of stories from the Hebrew scriptures so far, stories I wanted you to see in a new light. Now, let’s look at a story from the…

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Got our tickets to the Portland, OR Showbread show. They will be playing “No Sir, Nihilism is not Practical” and I will be dying of happiness.

me too

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Photo Set


fun practice last night.

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I’m still looking for a life that matters

More than chit-chat

We listen to The Streets

We’re all deadbeats

And these old habits are starting to show through

Sorry I didn’t get to know you.

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That’s the kind of love that drives us.


I have released an electronic rock album.

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all smiles watching our friends city lights vigil last night. An absolute blessing from Jesus to be able to open for these beauties. #clv


we just released a free live ep!
Go to and give us a shot!


Cruel, by Briz Lightyear